Tungsten Rod


Tungsten rods introduction

1, Appearance: silver grey metal luster 
2, Purity: W≥99.95%
3, Density: not less than 18.3g/cm3
4, Supply state: annealing or processing
5, Quality standard: GB/T 4187-1984 (tungsten rod)ASTM F288-90

Specifications of Tungsten rods



Diameter/height Width Length Surface State
Tungsten bar 14 14 400 bright sinter
Tungsten rod 200~400 10~400 bright sinter
100~200 10~900 black forged
20~100 10~1200 black forged

Special sizes can be manufactured based on customers' requirements

Production process of tungsten rods

Materials—CIP --- IF induction sintering --- forging --- annealing—mechanical processing --- tungsten rods

Production equipments

Coolisostatic pressing machine(CIP), IF induction sintering furnace, forging machine, coreless grinder ,CNC vertical turning machine, wire cutting machine.

Applications of tungsten rods

Since the heavy is18.3 g/cm3,and the melting point has reached 3380oC,tungsten rod with high temperature resistance and high creep resistance often used in high-temperature furnace, vacuum furnace, and sapphire crystal furnace.

Satyam Impex can provide tungsten bars and rods that made with tungsten powder which purity is 99.95%. After sintering and forging, the density of tungsten rod basically comes close to tungsten’s theory density, so they have a good high-temperature strength and electrochemical corrosion resistance.